Thursday, September 28, 2006

I have not been able to update my blog because of PC problems - after a 'health check' from PCworld, my computer had to be returned to factory settings - so none of my favourite bookmarks have survived, I can't use my printer and can't upload any pics :-(

K, from our knitting group (BoveyTracey S&B) commented that I haven't had much KNITTING on here of late - (haven't had much of anything on here of late!?) - well, I have several FOs to report! I've finished DS's Alice Starmore fisherman's jumper - pics will be made available just as soon as I figure out how to get pics from the camera to my PC again. Despite blocking, the lower edge still curls up. Any tips, anyone?
I've also finished the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino scarf that my secret pal YVONNE sent me! Ta muchly Yvonne, it's just the right colour for me and soooo soft, its scrumdiddlyumptious.
I have a picture of my final secret package ready to upload when I can figure it out. I was so inspired by the scarf pattern I had to start RIGHT AWAY and finished it in the week. Yvonne also thought of DH and sent him two bounty bars and some silk sock yarn which he might get knitted up, or he might not. The Bounty bars went right quick.

I also met Yvonne and WyeSue (lovely, huggy, slightly mad, knitty knutty folk) at the Creative stitchery show at Westpoint this weekend just gone - it was a huge amount of fun learning how to fingerknit and nattering on the knit and knatter stall. The knitted garden was inspirational -and a gingerbread house is in the making, due to be completed next June... Knit and Knattering is so much fun - do it! I also learnt how to knit with wire and beads and was given a BEAUTIFUL bracelet by the multitalented, hugely generous Yvonne. Ta once again.

Must go and do some work. Real life gets in the way again.