Monday, February 23, 2009

Bit obvious, but so truuuue!

Thanks for all your kind comments on bigbadwolf and gloves. I'm going to take Rosie's comment and put it in the 'Winter Book' that I'm putting together after the Hollowing weekend - it's so appropriate. TA!

I've a touch of startitis again: lots of beginning projects. Will have to get the camera batteries charged.

SKIP NORTH coming up soon. I'm so excited! Its my second time going AND I'm running a workshop this year - all you that signed up for it - you FOOLS you!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Big Bad Wolf...
Haven't done any painting in a while, but saw an interesting technique for watercolour described by Linda Kemp in a book called
Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines a positive approach to negative painting
and thought I'd have a go yesterday. Was supposed to be off with the canoe club in Wales, but I pulled out because of snow so it was fun to do this instead... It's only 8"x6"approx so not big. I love the serendipity of watercolours. Only used two colours: chinese orange and indigo for the trees. Then thought the painting needed a focal point so had to put Little Red Riding Hood in with a dash of cadmium red. Where is the Big Bad Wolf?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Just a quickie flit in and out - I haven't abandoned you, dear blog...

Lookee what I finished, FINALLY! I've had a bad case of second glove syndrome and just had two fingers (was I trying to give myself a message here?) and one thumb to complete on Karen's KAL gloves. So they sat around for an entire year in hibernation. The middle finger of the right glove has 'tb 07' on it. Yup, I started them in 2007! This situation could not be allowed to go on.
It only took a couple of evenings to finish and sew in the ends. So, what took me so long?

Also, I bought a drum carder, second hand today. I haven't yet collected it from a farm near Crediton as the roads have been a tad treacherous, but it's a David Barnett carder and cost £150 - is this a bargain? Saved £50 on an Ashford carder anyway. And then I can tackle all that fleece I've got sitting about.

I had a go at arty farty spinning last year - I spun some uncarded handdyed mohair (bought from Maylin at Wonderwool Wales last year) very loosely and chunkily and then plyed it with some silk thread. This needed knitting into something. I put it with some homespun Jacob fleece and made a moebius cowl a la Cat Bordhi (very loosely following her free pattern). I ran out of yarn before I finished it but used up some scraps of colinette from stash. I'm pleased with the result and it was just in time to keep my neck warm in the (paltry amount of) snow we've had. O dear: look at that saggy chin. Age strikes, everything is on the way DOWN!