Tuesday, September 02, 2008


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I wasn't going to participate in the Ravelympics at all - not the least because of the Chinese political stance against Tibet overshadowing the real Olympic Games. And I had the job interview slap bang in the middle of the games. And last time (in the Yarn Harlot's knitting Olympics) I missed out on a medal by one measly day - finished a longstanding WIP so it was an excellent shove up the backside, but still.

But after the job interview was over, I couldn't resist. What a weed I am: where are my principles? I can only say (sheepishly) that I didn't watch any of the games themselves - not having a telly does help.

And I had that 3ply handspun needing the plying completing and needing knitting. So I signed up for the cowl jump. Bit of a comedown from the Mimbres vest I originally wanted to knit, but a challenge nevertheless: I've never knitted a moebius before.

And I completed it in plenty of time. I crossed the finish line on Friday. I put up the details and awaited my summons to the Ravelry podium by Bobicus and the Bobettes. Nothing. Not a sausage.
I posted a query - but no reply -
the arena was littered with the mmm chocolate wrappers and old confetti and the place was eerily silent - everyone had shut up shop after the games had finished and gone home :-(
So I went on a search and the truth was revealed. I had been transturtleified. I had been magically transformed from a tutley MUTT into turtle mutley. From dog to turtle.
I claimed my medal retrospectively and I give you turtlemutley!

You just got to love it.
I also spent last Saturday cooped up in a stuffy room in Birmingham library at my first Knitting and Crochet Guild Board of Directors' meeting. When I could have been walking Tor to Tor on Dartmoor with Louise (happy birthday Louise!). It had its upside: I finished a longstanding WIP (see that little 100% in the side bar for Cabin Fever Swing Jacket?) - and also became very excited about the future of the Guild. I also stayed with WyeSue who is such an enabler when it comes to stash enhancement. Beware, all who tread near! Wicked, wicked woman.

I hope to see many blogworld friends at IKNit LOndon bash next Saturday: now where exactly did I put that blasted ticket????