Saturday, August 16, 2008

I didn't get the job :-(

But, I acquitted myself well at the interview, apparently, and my presentation was perfectly presentable. There was a lot of competition for the post and the person who got the job had already done something similar at Band 7, so had more experience than me. There's a certain amount of relief as well as disappointment. Thanks for all your well wishes -

Never mind: at least I can get back to my knitting now!

I've learned how to do a moebius cast on (as made famous by Cat Bordhi) for Prickle this morning for the Ravelympics COWL JUMP - I'm knitting the cowl in my handspun 3ply. Now this I CAN do:
And I've started the second toe up sock in Yarn Yard sock wool - it's working out really well... Just look at those lovely stripes on the sole. Do you think I'll have enough of the solid colour yarn to finish the second sock? And finally - just look at this gorgeous silk/merino mix roving from Yarn Yard (do I detect a theme here?) - I've divided the fibre into short lengths of mostly green and then mostly blue to spin - I've spun and plyed up one little skein and I'm well into my second. But then I spotted this - (I learn sooo much fr0m hanging around on Ravelry) - and so can't wait to have a go at Navajo plying 'on the fly' for the remainder.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


I'm going for a new job - if I get it, 't will be a promotion and a job-share - "Infant Feeding specialist midwife" - so just ignore me, till its all over, one way or t'other, thursday 14th. I feel sick: it's the first interview I've had in 15 years and I b****xed the last one and there's rather a lot of competition for this one.

Takes deep breaths - it'll be fine, just fine.

thanks for the award, Maylin! I'll deal with it after thursday!