Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good News! I got a letter from my shiatsu teacher Alex this morning - I passed my first year exams - I'm now qualified to give friends and family a really good shiatsu treatment - just got to complete 8 more sessions before I get my certificate. Want to volunteer to be guinea pig? This picture of a scarf blocking on disgustingly pink play mats is the result of a handspun yarn 'round robin' - the scarf has been all round Europe having stripes added by a dozen other knitters! We all started a 'seed' and passed it on - and we all got completed scarves back - interesting ay? It's very snuggly and warm and you too can join in a similar adventure by visiting the scarf journeys forum on Ravelry (THE favourite place to hang out and waste time peruse patterns and probably the one single biggest reason this blog doesn't get updated very often.)

And on behalf of the Spinners, Weavers, Dyers guild and all our various knitting groups, I am organising a coach trip to Wonderwool again this year (for my sins). Not so many takers this year, despite the coach having a loo on board (we were all crossing our legs by the time we got there last year!) Tickets only £20.50 roll up, roooolll up! Coach leaves Bovey Tracey at the ridiculously early time of 06.30hrs on April 10th and we don't get back till 8pm or so. And I won't be buying any more stash. no. I won't.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Patterns about to be published!

I am so excited - I have two patterns about to be published in Shannon Okey's (aka Knitgrrl) ten book 'FRESH DESIGNS' series. I can't show pics until the books come out - but, honestly, it's like being pregnant! I feel like I'm about to give birth!

The Cooperative Press facebook link is here. The concept is fascinating - the Company take all the responsibility to publish the books, photograph, present, promote (that's a lot of alliteration?) - and the designers pay nothing. Then the remuneration comes from Royalties - a third of the profits go to Cooperative Press, and the remaining two thirds gets divided up between the ten designers in each book. So I'll get 'divvie's' once a year - might not be much, but hey! my name will be OUT THERE as an up and coming designer!

We were invited to submit up to three designs for anyone of the following books: shawls, scarves, hats, gloves, mittens, kids' sweaters, womens and mens' sweaters and toys and bags.
I submitted three and got two accepted - a shawlette and a toy. Watch this space!