Tuesday, September 02, 2008


(There's no way of making a title on this template?! I'm such an ignoramus when it comes to html)

I wasn't going to participate in the Ravelympics at all - not the least because of the Chinese political stance against Tibet overshadowing the real Olympic Games. And I had the job interview slap bang in the middle of the games. And last time (in the Yarn Harlot's knitting Olympics) I missed out on a medal by one measly day - finished a longstanding WIP so it was an excellent shove up the backside, but still.

But after the job interview was over, I couldn't resist. What a weed I am: where are my principles? I can only say (sheepishly) that I didn't watch any of the games themselves - not having a telly does help.

And I had that 3ply handspun needing the plying completing and needing knitting. So I signed up for the cowl jump. Bit of a comedown from the Mimbres vest I originally wanted to knit, but a challenge nevertheless: I've never knitted a moebius before.

And I completed it in plenty of time. I crossed the finish line on Friday. I put up the details and awaited my summons to the Ravelry podium by Bobicus and the Bobettes. Nothing. Not a sausage.
I posted a query - but no reply -
the arena was littered with the mmm chocolate wrappers and old confetti and the place was eerily silent - everyone had shut up shop after the games had finished and gone home :-(
So I went on a search and the truth was revealed. I had been transturtleified. I had been magically transformed from a tutley MUTT into turtle mutley. From dog to turtle.
I claimed my medal retrospectively and I give you turtlemutley!

You just got to love it.
I also spent last Saturday cooped up in a stuffy room in Birmingham library at my first Knitting and Crochet Guild Board of Directors' meeting. When I could have been walking Tor to Tor on Dartmoor with Louise (happy birthday Louise!). It had its upside: I finished a longstanding WIP (see that little 100% in the side bar for Cabin Fever Swing Jacket?) - and also became very excited about the future of the Guild. I also stayed with WyeSue who is such an enabler when it comes to stash enhancement. Beware, all who tread near! Wicked, wicked woman.

I hope to see many blogworld friends at IKNit LOndon bash next Saturday: now where exactly did I put that blasted ticket????


Wye Sue said...

So... do you want your toothbrusg back ?
The wicked woman might hold it hostage ;-)

See you on Saturday :-)

scarletprincess said...

What a lovely cowl! Well done on the medal.

Jen said...

You're coming up to I Knit day? Great! Perhaps I can say hello at some point...

maylin said...

What a gorgeous cowl - what pattern did you use? So what stash enhancement were you coerced into - do tell?

Heather Nightcrickett said...

The handspun is beautiful! Hope to see you Saturday!

Sue said...

Love the cowl and am intrigued by the moebius cast on! Guess I'm just going to have to try one myself now to see why you have to cast on like this.

With regard to headings, though - don't you get a Title section when you go into Edit post or New post? You don't need to know any html.

funnyoldlife said...

The cowl is beautiful - congrats. Hope you enjoy the day in London!

riggwelter said...

hope you have a great day today and well done on your olympic medal...the mobius looks gorgeous.

Jo said...

Hope you had a good day, now Wye Sue said hello to me, but did you see me too lurking on the Easyknits stall? And you met my fraternal twin Heather (from C & G)recently too didn't you?

Artis-Anne said...

Great cowl pattern (I love them too)and congrats re your medal :)

Sue said...

I do hope you haven't give up on the blogging - it's been a while since you posted.

Hope you don't mind but I've tagged you (to encourage you back to the blogging fold). See my blog for more details. No obligation to participate of course...

Pixie said...

Cheers Terri for tagging me.. I am so hopeless at things like that.. will go looking though.. being the good girl I am lol..

Fair enough on the stall.. which blushes I had forgotten about.. blame the fibro.. next year sounds good we should perhaps plan better.. giggles..

Thank you on my spinning.. yours is awesome too you know and how is your Lendrum?.. I still want one you know ;)

Is that a Prickle I spy .. awesome! one I want to try.. when I have done my scarf.. seem to follow you with patterns as I am doing that reversible lace st

Congrats on your medal.. :))