Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Where have I been????? Well, March was a wipe out, written off in more ways than one! I started the month with a flu type bug - achy joints, green gunk producing cough, sore throat (swallowing a cactus everytime), bunged up sinuses AND a temperature - too much information? sorry :-( I retired to bed for a couple of days and was as weak as a kitten when I reemerged. Then I spent the rest of the month going to work, coming home and falling asleep on the sofa.
I'm back full of energy and I've lots to report - stitch 'n bitch going well - walking group also off the ground - finished Olympian cardigan and it seems to fit - Alice Starmore fishing jumper started and well underway - paddling trips - holidays planned (walking around SW coastal path with skin and blister in June AND tickets for Thailand (interhash) in October purchased - woohoo). Spring is in the air and sap is rising!
I promise to try and do all this updating within the week.
My digital camera is out of commission because my battery charger is caput - this makes adding pics of wips difficult. The pic below is of home sweet home and was taken yonks ago. (second terrace in from left, right hand row (in the shade). A stream runs along the bottom of the gardens. Neat puddle, huh?


sal the spider said...

You're back!!! So glad you're OK. I still haven't finished Sam's clogs or got pic of thong being worn but both are in the offing!! Def Spring now I saw 2 bumblebees today :-)))
Sal x

Sue said...

Okay, I'm moving to Devon. Clear your yarn stash out of the spare room - I'm moving in!

I love the view from my house but yours is nicer!

Glad you're back by the way! :-)

Seahorse said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly! Nice to see you back :)

TutleyMutley said...

Thank you, thank you! I feel all warm and fuzzy now!
Sue - you're going to have to go up in the attic!

ra said...

hurrah, you're back, sorry to hear you've been ill. Glad you're better now.

It's a very nice puddle bye the way!

acrylik said...

Sorry to hear you have been so ill. It's lovely to see you back. Glad to hear your groups are going well!