Saturday, May 20, 2006

The ankle is much better - ta! which is just as well, as me and sis are planning a walk from St Ives to the Lizard along the South West Coast Path from June 11th for a week - bivvying out if its fine, retreating to local hostelries (YHA) if not. Well, retreating to local hostelries (PUB) anyway. We are planning to walk the path as seen on the map in a downwards fashion in the vain hope that gravity might help. My sis is doing half marathons and similar while I am 'resting' - she'll just have to give me a piggy back. Syd is coming too, but Tilly will have to stay with friends :-( as she's getting too old and stiff to manage 7 days walking. I think I'm going to get some very old fashioned looks from her, when we set off, of the kind only labradors can achieve (and seal pups).

I've had some FINE advice from Ruse1966 which I feel obliged to pass on to any others who might contemplate walking the coastal path, it's sooo good...
Always buy decent socks.
The compass never lies but if your feet are wet, you're too far to the
If you leave a cow in a glass of coke, it won't be there in the morning.


Rain said...

It sounds like a great walk that you have planned. I definitley approve of using gravity. Never go walking in Yorkshire, it's uphill in every direction.

I also agree on good socks - I love Bridgedales, pricey but heaven.

ra said...

sounds like fine advice but what if you don't drink coke?

Glad you're on the mend & hope it stays fine for you (but not too fine or you'll have no reason to go into the pubs!?!)

TutleyMutley said...

I agree about the Bridgedales - though my son always nicks mine! (bl***y cheek!). There is one thing about the coastal path. It tends to go up and down a LOT. There is ALWAYS a reason to go to the pub. It's too hot. It's too cold. I'm so thirsty. etc. etc.