Monday, June 12, 2006

HOT off press:- Secret Pal 8 package arrives:

Never mind opening with infinite care and patience, tutmut rips open the envelope and scatters contents amongst daisies, whilst dogs look on in wonderment at the foibles of humans.

The cloth matches my kitchen and will hang around in there to grab pots with, methinks.The rest is colour coordinated - look! The book has a beautiful hand stitched cover over a hand made paper inside - Secret Pal has similar book tucked inside knitting hold-all to make notations on experiments. I'm not sure I could be so organised, but I'll give it a go. (She has not seen the chaos that is my knitting containers). The needles are from Peace Fleece - I've been hankering after some for ages, they're so cute.They are of a size to knit the Alpaca yarn from Devon Alpacas. Yes - local pushmepullyous giving up yarn to a local mill that I never knew existed - in Tiverton. It is incredibly soft and very cuddly. Altogether a fab presi.
Thank you muchly, Secret Pal!


Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy the "Coals to Newcastle" yarn.

Thanks for showing the view of one of my favourite walks as a child


Rain said...

What a lovely package, the cloth is gorgeous. Hope the furry bunch are coping with the heat.

acrylik said...

Ooooh, great package! It's always fun to get surprises in the post! The cloth is fantastic.

nanatoo said...

Lovely package. Mmm, Peace Fleece needles, lucky thing :) Gorgeous cloth, yarn and book.

Dipsy said...

Wow, such a great package that you received - a day can't go wrong when it brings such a surprise, can it? Have fun with all the contents! I love your dogs, by the way!

sal the spider said...

Hi Hon, email me your snail addy and I'll send you one (Amulet bag LOL I just thought of you finding this comment in three weeks and wondering what the hell I was packaging up LOL)
Sal xx