Friday, July 21, 2006

Second SECRET PAL 8 parcel arrives: Best yet, says tutmut! NUM!

What can it be? I savoured the opening this time... And ate the chocolate smartish, so my son couldn't filch it. (Greedy, ay?) . What's in the gold tissue paper? And here we have it: Yarn Harlot's 'At Knit's End' which has lurked on my wish list for aaaages and has given me a few giggles already. Eg p.50 "A rolling ball of yarn will also roll as far away from you as possible, likely out of the car, down the aisle of the church (where you hoped noone would notice you were knitting), or into any available liquid." I have noticed this phenomenon myself. I give, as an example, a time when I used to knit at bus stops. Specifically one occasion when I was waiting to go to college many moons ago. I hopped on the bus and was moving down the aisle as the bus moved off, when a fellow passenger pointed out the trail of yarn behind me. Yep, I'd left the ball at the bus stop. So I'm standing in the doorway of the bus frantically rolling in my ball of yarn, which is bouncing in every puddle it can find behind the bus...

There is also a set of Addi needles - my first ever. I've heard so many people rave about them, I'll now get a chance to find out what they're going on about. They LOOK posh. Very flash - gold. Also three balls of Louisa Harding softly variagated yarn. SOFT! And probably hugely extravagant. Maybe I should knit a beard with them. Whaddya think? The transparent rectangle is clear glycerine soap. It smells of mandarin - isn't it a wonderful colour? and everything looks mandarin coloured when you look through it. I get so excited about things like this. OK, I'm a big kid. Thanks muchly, hugely, my secret Pal - reckon I'm the luckiest spoilee in the game. There was only one sour puss amidst all this spoildom: DH! He reckons he's going to be washed away in a tidal wave of yarn. Rubbish. Methinks he does exaggerate.


Rain said...

I'm crying laughing at your bus story.

The yarn looks divine, I bet it feels wonderful. What a fab package from a fab pal.

SP8_pal said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the package - what does the DH enjoy?

I'm working on your final package and trying to decide if I'm mad to knit with wool in this heat!

Love the photos of the walk and I'm noting the addresses for the cream teas in case I get down there this year

acrylik said...

Oh, I just love your story about knitting at the bus stop! Sounds like something I would do!

What a fantastic package from your secret pal - no wonder you look so gleeful in that pic! :)

Piglottie said...

What a wonderful parcel, especially as it not only contains yarn and addis but the best chocolate in the world ever! Btw, I love the pics of your coastal walk.

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous yarn - and I say that cos I have exactly that yarn, in that shade as WIP on a pair of socks. It's so yummily soft!
Ewa in East Devon

ra said...

Your holiday sounds so lovely it almost makes me want to go on a mega walk with a dog and a tent (almost!). I'm not big on exercise but I LOVE the idea!

Your parcel looks fun, nice yarn. I thought the soap was orange jelly at first (like someone would send a secret pal a block of jelly!)

craftybernie said...

Love the bus story. Sounds like something that would happen to me.

You look look like you're having waayyyy too much fun with that Louisa Harding wool! Enjoy.