Friday, August 04, 2006

I haven't posted for a while - I'm at work and shouldn't be posting NOW but while the anecdote is fresh in my mind:

A couple I am looking after are getting soooo excited as the due date looms nearer - Every braxton hix contraction, they think is labour... Well, t'other night, she wakes up and the bed is SOAKED! Both instantly wide awake, this must be it! Waters must have broken! NO! Our pregnant mother-to-be only fell asleep clutching a glass of water - and that's what soaked the bed. Partner not best pleased at having to change bedlinen in wee hours :-)

Same mother-to-be few days later is drying her hairin the bedroom, enjoying being in the nude as it's so HOT. (Admits was even contemplating a spot of perineal massage - ask me if you don't know!) -Glances up and sees the WINDOWCLEANER at the window - Hides behind wardrobe door, blushing furiously - window cleaner (neighbour's nephew) - quite blase and carries on until he's finished. HA - by the time this baby arrives, I think it'll be kittens!

All these pregnant ladies sitting around in the waiting room, waiting for their appointment with me and NOT ONE OF THEM KNITS! I'm doing my best to convert them.

Back to work, ho hum.


Rain said...

Mwahaha! Oh dear, she must have near died when the window cleaner turned up. I think kittens are definitely on the cards.

gabby said...

That’s so funny.....when I was having my baby, in the delivery room in a middle of a push; the window cleaner decided to clean this particular window..... by then I was beyond caring!!!!!

scarletprincess said...

Oh my god. I dont have a window cleaner thank god, but I can imagine how she felt. I'm in countdown mode myself... oh the frustration. BUT I DO KNIT hurrah!

Becca said...

I don't knit, I haven't had a child yet, and I'm not in the UK. I found your blog in a Google search and really enjoyed that post. The glass of water part was especially hilarious.