Thursday, March 06, 2008


About three weekends ago I went on a Walking Women's Holiday in the Lake District. The weather was quite unreasonably warm and clear and the walking absolutely amazing. It's a tad hillier ooop North than down yer on Dartmoor.

Then last weekend, I joined Teignbridge Canoe Club in Tintagel, Cornwall - and went walking again.

More good weather -not as excellent and unseasonal as in the Lake District, but still mild and wonderful for walking in the countryside and drinking up the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

This weekend I'm SKIPPING NORTH to Haworth with a bunch of knitters (must go pack and put DOWN the mouse). I expect to be knitting. A lot. And drinking. A little.

And in between having a grand ol' time, I've been working as usual.

I'll stop gallivanting when I get back on Monday and try and upload a few pics and update the old blog.


Steph said...

Oooh, beautiful pics. Which bit of the Atlantic coastline was that?

Riggwelter said...

Great photos, have fun skipping north!

Terri said...

What a great idea to have women's walking holidays! I hope you had a nice time gallivanting this weekend.

natalie said...

See you in September... unless you are coming to Woolfest?