Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More handspun baby socks:
I purchased Cat Bordhi's 'New Pathways for Sock Knitters' Book One, t'other day - and thought a pair of Charlie's Wiggle Socks would be a good project for using up more of my handspun rainbow merino from Wingham Wool Works. This is the last of the rainbow merino (I bought just over 100gm of fluff in three different colourways and I'm very tempted to purchase some more) - and it's a wonderful ginger/rust/gold/green colour - reminds me of the hedera leaf. I've already spun and knit up the first wiggle sock - it looks great and feels so soft. This is a very bad picture of the first little sock before I used EZ's sewn cast off - taken in the sun this morning. Then I took the dogs for a walk and spun the rest of the fluff you can see on the table above. This is the finished single spun yarn nestled amongst the violets. That's a better representation of the colour than in the first picture.
And here I am about to andean ply it.

Isn't that granite waymarker great?

Meanwhile, Tilly the arthritic one had wondered off and got herself lost. MUCH drama - she is deafer than me so can't hear me shout her name! Fortunately she's got a tag on her collar with her name and my phone number (as well as the vet's). A certain kind Donna picked her up about a half hour later (Tilly had been busy retracing our footsteps) and Donna phoned the vet - who advised her to take Tilly to my neighbour's (as my neighbour's daughter works at said Vet's). Meanwhile, Syd had decided to take advantage of my distracted state and roll in a dead sheep. One bath later and alls well that ends well.


The Imperfect Knitter said...

I am speechless, such a talented lady , and nice with it ...... you make spinning look so easy , when I KNOW it isn't .

maylin said...

So much lovely spinning you definitely deserve a beautiful new spindle! Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely presents you sent - they are all so beautiful but it has tempted me to want to start yet more projects and I have so many on the go! Will you be at Wonderwool?

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a great afternoon! Glad you got Tilly back, shame about Syd (ewww).
The yarn looks wonderful. Oh I so want to learn how to spin...(sighs)

Thanks for the advice on my finger! I already have one crooked finger on that hand (from a similar mishap!), another one won't look too bad! Although I can move it ok, it still hurts a lot though....
only me eh?

BlackCrow said...

What a lovely day you had...well except for the dead sheep bit..but what a great leasurly way to spend the day!

natalie said...

Wow... what amazing Andean Plying.
It's just so cool being completely self contained isn't it?

Sorry to see your spindle has been attacked. You were so pleased with it too!