Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SEVERAL FOs:Reversible Lace Scarf

As I mentioned in the last post, I finished spinning the Strawberry coloured merino/tencel blend that I got from the Yarn Yard fibreclub and knitted it into a reversible lace patterned scarf. Just as well, as Natalie is posting the next parcel this morning.
This is how the scarf looked preblocked. I only had 206 yards/75g at the end and knitted up what looked like a very short scarf at 36inches. I blocked it to buggery (technical term a la Kate) and am really pleased with the result. Blocking took it to 48inches! Because it was looking so short I added a hole to pass one end through - which looked rather unsightly, so I added a pink tinged pearly button. Our neighbour Sara invited us to celebrate her 40th last night - how timely! Reckon this scarf will make an excellent presi.

Next: The completed Gotland Fibre Challenge. I knitted a sideways Woolly Wormhead pattern called CandyPi. I didn't have enough gotland yarn to make it, so I added some of maylin's purple angora goat yarn. The end result was soft but looked like a radioactive warning device! Needed someone young and hot to wear it so it went to Leah for her 21st birthday present.

Here's the finished Swallowtail Shawl - really my first lace project of any size. I did knit a cardigan years ago in 4 ply silk to wear at my wedding , which was my own design and part lace, part cable (and a very similar colour to the scarf above coincidentally). However that's so long ago (25yrs!) I can hardly remember it. And I knew nothing of blocking then. It was knitted in mini handmaiden and I love the way the colours have pooled in its tail.
Can't remember whether I posted a pic of these alpaca socks... They'll probably wear out quick as they've no nylon reinforcing the heels and toes. I used the alpaca wool mix sent me by my secret pal ages ago - from Vermont- to knit Cat Bordhi's philosopher's socks. However I realised I'd run out of the purple colour way before the end, so I decided to add some 100% cream alpaca as a 'design feature'. I was on the last stripe when I ran out of the purple - I only needed two rows worth of purple to finish the darned things (agh!). T'was then I thought of Maylin's purple dyed goat fibre - very similar colour, n'est pas? so I spun up a teeny amount for that last couple of rows. Can you tell the difference? I'm keeping these.
To finish off the list of Finished Objects for this posting: The Inga Hat. I was knitting along with Astrid - a norwegian cardigan. But it wasn't turning out for the best as I mentioned in yesterday's post. (Call them roses???) So the yarn will have to be used for other things. The first of which will be this Inga Hat. I'll keep this one too.

The last picture is of the felted flower I made in the kid's craft tent at the Contemporary Show. I stuck two size 14 needles in the middle as a couple of 'stamens' . That's my goldring spindle sitting beside it in the pot my son made at school. It was great fun and I'd like to do some more felting.


Susie Hewer said...

Gosh you have been a busy girl! Love the shawl, the hat (yummy colour)a nd the felted flower. I\d liek to have a go at hand felting too.

Probably Jane said...

I don't know where to start! All gorgeous, as always. I particularly like the reversible lace scarf - I'm afraid I haven't finished my project from last month's YY fibre club so my stash will be growing...

riggwelter said...

Oh you have been busy! I love that scarf, and the shawl is just stunning! Beautiful colours. Great flower too.

"Blocked to Buggery" hee hee, I'll try to remember that one!

Pixie said...

Wow lots of yummy knits, did you hand spin on your spindle for the scarf? I am trying to spin on a spindle and the results are not pretty at all lol

TutleyMutley said...

I did, I did spin the yarn for that scarf - now given to Sara for her 40th and greatly appreciated.
Denise, we will have to get together for a tutorial! Have you a top or a bottom whorl spindle? I found I did hugely better with a top whorl...
thanks for your encouragement, my internet pals!

Pixie said...

Hi Terri,
I have a top whorl spindle and would love a tutorial.. Anni kindly gave me a quick lesson at a knitting group, at Spin a yarn.. but still struggling lol.. I am so impressed that you spun that yarn.. that is my goal to spin something as pretty as that.. you rock in my eyes!
Sara is one lucky lady to get the scarf as a gift :)

maylin said...

I need a rest now after reading all you have achieved, I can't remember when I last finished something! And to spin the yarn before knitting a lace shawl, well, my hat goes off to you, especially so fine - it looks so even. Is there no end to your talents? I too have been experimenting lots with felting though somewhat differently, I will have to blog about it.

Sheila said...

Hi. I got your comment on my blog.
You can go to my web-shop( ) and use the "contact me" form to email me.

Your work is all beautiful....I especially love the BSJ in pinks.

Helen said...

Gosh, you've been busy! That's some lovely lace there :) I liked the little roses!

Artis-Anne said...

Good grief woman you have been busy :) Wow I don't know were to begin as I love them all but especially that Inga hat . Did you make up the pattern ?
The scarf is lovely too and the socks look so cosy
I love the colours in the Swallowtail Shawl
Great work all round , congrats