Monday, April 20, 2009

Susan Boyle.
I've just watched this clip three times in a row. Wow. Apparently it's the third most commented on clip on youtube! It's the change in the faces of the audience and the judges that gets me. And that heavenly voice. Fantastic camera work: capturing that cynical audience before and after and maybe there'll be a few more folk who won't make assumptions based on appearance as a result.
And I can carry on being a fat, middle-aged, non make up wearing, grey haired, crook teethed, mutton jeff woman who isn't completely invisible wherever I go as a result.
I haven't got a tv so thanks to the knitter who directed me to this link. Made my day!

Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 - The most popular videos are here

Here's a 1999 track of her singing "Cry Me a River".

See also Tanya Gold's take on this underdog makes good phenomenon.

I'll post something about the hollowing later. ah, good intentions.


kathryn said...

Yes! I completely agree about Susan Boyle!

Rosie said...

What makes me so sad is hearing/seeing people describe this woman as "ugly" and "frumpy". I saw her photo in the paper and, knowing nothing about who she was, or what she had done to be in the paper, was struck by her twinkling eyes and gorgeous curls. To read on and see that she was being celebrated for her voice, yet condemned for her looks was a horrid shock.

It is all of a piece, I suppose, with those irritating articles that demand to know why "our" female politicians/ male politicians wives don't look as glamorous/groomed (plastic?) as those on the continent/in the US etc etc.