Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It was so lovely to post on my blog - and get replies - thanks for popping by Heather, Ambermoggie, Rachel and M! (thus I am not alone and woman is not an island?!).

I've been sorting out the admin. for the coach trip to Wonderwool I'm organising on Sunday April 25th - I've hired a 57 seater coach and I've only 4 seats left to fill! Yay! Only problem is that I've got £8 more than I should have - so somebody has paid a deposit but hasn't been ticked off the list - so I'm going to be demanding money off someone who has already paid. Still - would be worse to have LESS money than I should have I suppose. Looking forward to seeing Ambermoggie and Wyesue in the Interactive corner at Wonderwool - there's going to be a meetup of Ravellers there I think. And I can get to have (another) go at longdraw spinning...

Anyway, while I'm sitting here doing this (and reading blogs, checking Rav, and drinking my new favourite comibination of Rooibos and a herby cinammon blend teabag, etc etc), my friend sent me this pic of Syd which made me chuckle.

It almost looks like he could lick the screen, doesn't it? Sara looked after him while I was gallivanting oop SkipNorth since DH won't dogsit. Poor motherless, smelly boy that he is. His mum Tilly died last September and I still miss her so much. Dogs live such short lives.

Gratuitous picture of my Tilly:

Since this post has a doggy theme I'll add this pic too:

This is a pic of WyeSue and Neil's Trigger: - He is an elderly staffy/yorkshire terrior cross and he took a shine to the chocolate muffin totoprype I'd just knitted. I've got to knit a dozen and I'm on my third. Don't ask.


Rosie said...

Wish I could come on your coach (just a wee bit out of my way, though). And I love the dog pics. But, c'mon: tell us about the muffins!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

great pictures, at least with the cupcakes there won't be any calories:)

Wye Sue said...

Thank you so much, makes me think I should stop playing on line and knit a few more myself.... and then perhaps I should even bake the real ones ;-)

TutleyMutley said...

I think WyeSue just dropped a big hint there - they're for her wedding cake! See, I told you not to ask! I'm reliably informed that there will be an edible part to it too...

Ed Hennessy said...


My name is Ed Hennessy and I work within the Commercial Team of Marie Curie Cancer Care, I identified your site as being influential within our market and would like to speak with you regarding some fundraising activity which is due to start the 1st April and last until August.

The ‘Knit a tea cosy’ competition is something that is being done alongside our ‘Blooming Great Tea Party’ campaign and helps to encourage people to fundraise, enter the competition and have some fun with friends. The competition will be judged by Cath Kidston, Simply Knitting Magazine, Marie Curie. The winner and runners up will receive Cath Kidston and knitting goodies.

I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome your thoughts on possibly blogging and promoting this.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,


Susie Hewer said...

Awwwh, gorgeous doggy!

pip said...

How cute is Trigger... looks just a bit like our rescue Kipper... and we're near the Wye too... maybe they're related! there's a pic of Kip on Breton Blog if you'd like to see her.. as i don't think I can put a pic or a link on a message :)