Friday, May 14, 2010

Not just the humble DISHCLOTH,,,

I've not long finished this garterlac dishcloth, which is my first attempt at entrelac - and was pondering on what an excellent medium for experimentation dishcloths are: small, instant gratification, great for experimenting with new stitch patterns like lace and entrelac. They make great gifts when accompanied by a bar of special soap. They get a lot of flac from some people - there's even a group on Ravelry dedicated to scorning them (well - there's a group for nearly everything on RAV!).
Then I opened my new Yarn Forward issue 26 and it seems new editor Anna Bell has been having exactly the same thoughts! I do like a bit of synchronicity!
And I liked nearly half the patterns in this issue - Adderback gloves (with accompanying fascinating article on knitting in Yorkshire), top down cardi, summertweed girls top, and a couple pairs of socks. There's also a great article on constructing a shetland shawl from Sharon Miller (though I have the book). The best issue yet! (even better than YF24 which published my Lizard Duffle Bag, so I'm biased).


Pixie said...

Oh I love that dishcloth, colours are gorgous and what a neat idea for trying out new techniques..

LOL at there being a group for everything on Ravelry.

The dress on the front cover, is one I knitted for Anni.. and I love the idea of the top down cardi.. and the article about constructing a shawl appeals to me.. will have to look out for a copy.

TutleyMutley said...

As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one you were talking about, crafty pixie! The YELLOW was a giveaway. (As you know) I don't have the figure for it.

riggwelter said...

Gosh it's been so long since I visited anyones blogs, nevermind writing on my own!!
Hope you are well.

The dish cloth looks beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri first time for ages that I have visited your blog....I thought I would just check out what you're up to...they sell Tasmania merino wool and possum fur socks here on Kangaroo Island. They say the possum fur makes the socks real hardwearing? Anyway awesome the locals here might say. Love Janex

pip said...

what a lovely cloth! any new posts on the horizon? nudge nudge :)

littlelixie said...

Just letting you know my blog has moved from to

Kathy said...

My mother missed her chance to write a great dishcloth book. I've received many a gift of a pattern-trial dishcloth. My mum is a slow knitter and, like me, is loathe to "waste" time swatching. So she tries out new patterns on dishclothes to see if she likes it, can do the technique, and/or can do it without pain (arthritis, etc).

Quite lovely, by the way.