Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Oh my goodness! I can upload pics to my blog again! This is because I've been decluttering - and whilst doing so, I came across the little manual from PCworld which suggested 'cleaning' my hard disc to make it more effective: start > all programs > accessories > system tools > disc cleanup. Well now I know. It was all those temporary 'quick view' internet pages that get downloaded for offline viewing (that I never do) - unload and voila! Back in business!
(I am SO untechy).
This a pic of my Syd peeking out from behind the safety of my knees. It's proof I walk whilst spindling - I was plying on the fly here - and pulling the yarn through the loop in order to navajo ply. It was taken by my young friend Becky who is a PROFESSIONAL photographer - and has a number of very flash looking digi cameras.
I'll update on my knitting later, now I can upload pics again. Cross fingers it lasts!

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Shani said...

so pleased you have sorted out the picci problems - love the spindle...

I am struggling with computers - ful stop - at the moment, so you are not alone !!

hugs Shani