Thursday, January 04, 2007


Kathryn (a loyal and regular member of our Bovey 'stitch & bitch' ktog) (waves furiously whilst jumping up and down!) has mentioned the dearth of knitting on this blog of late. (Terri blushes furiously and looks at feet). OK here's an update:

First on the list - This is the 'French Market Bag' from my favourite that I also purchased for my secret pal no. 8 Spinning Sue and everyone knows that the major pitfall of these secret pal thingies is that you just got to buy an extra one of everything you buy for your pal?! I took it on holiday with me and managed to make a good start in the two weeks I was in Thailand - and I didn't have that much time for knitting! I'm just about to join together the last handle before chucking it in the washing machine on hot hot hot.

And next we have the 2007 GREAT STASHBUSTER project: Kaffe Fasset's bed cover. This is going to take an age. From the last picture I think I've done one more block - only about 16 or so more to do! I'm having great fun mixing different yarns together from my stash to make a chunky... Trouble is, I haven't got that much variety in my stash. (Cross my heart - I haven't). So I may be forced to buy some more yarn just for this. To get more colours and variety - you understand!

Thirdly (there are several MORE WIPS hidden in various places but we won't mention THEM) - I sooooo liked the Debbie Bliss cashmerino loopy scarf pattern and yarn my secret pal spoiler Yvonne (coooeee, waves!) gave me that I have bought MORE yarn (cheap - from Ebay!) to make several more. The first scarf I made was just a tad short (or I've got a thick neck or summat) so I'm using about half a ball more on this one - so it's nearly done. It'll be for my friend Bev - a belated birthday present. It's picked up a bit of fluff from the bottom of my work bag where I've been toting it about. I must be more careful.
A very active (as in bicycling, riding, never sitting still) friend of mine wants to take up a more sedate pastime so she wants to try knitting. YAY! So she's coming along to the first S&B ktog of 2007 at the Terrace Cafe in Bovey Tracey Guild of Craftsmen on Sunday January 7th (this Sunday folks!). She fancied my scarf so I've got her the yarn...

And finally: the Crafty Threads and Yarns Sockamonth challenge begins this month. I just discovered this site today, and, lo and behold, there is ANOTHER TERRI! And not only that, but she knits, is an RGN and has two dogs JUST LIKE ME. I'm truly flabbergasted. My ghast is full of flabber. She does appear to be younger and better looking than me with two cool dogs (Tilly, Syd - you hear me??) - may be tis a good thing she lives at the OTHER end of the country! Back to socks - I'm cheating, probably, but I started this sock for my sister last year and it is just waiting to have it's cuff cast off. Oh, and waiting for a mate of course. My sister has looooooong feet (she's got skinny size 9s) so I know she'll love these.

I've also joined in Fyberspates Sock Club - though I didn't realise it only runs from January to March and thought it was a year long thing at first! Who am I kidding! It still looks FAB and I'm looking forward to the packages of yarn plopping through my mail box for the next three months. So the other Terri's sockamonth challenge was timely...

There you go, Kathryn! See you Sunday X


Rain said...

That's looooooads of knitting. The bedspread is simply stunning. It's going to be amazing when it's finished.

I love the scarf too, it looks really snuggly.

TutleyMutley said...

It IS snuggly! mmmmm.

Bob Awards said...

Hello Tutley Mutley!

You have won a BOB – Award!
Thank you for being Sparkly and exciting enough!
This blog has just won, we think that is because we need blogs about recreational fun like knitting. (Nobody in the BoB-Award staff are very good knitters though).
You make other bloggers proud and the internet beam. We really like what you write and have written, splendid!

Please do go fetch your well-deserved blog-award right here!

With very much love, Bob-Awards.

Dirk_Star said...

Hello fellow BoB Award winner!

Nice blog with great photos.

Congrats, you deserve it.

Dirk_Star said...

Knock, knock. Anybody home?

maylin said...

Hey I think I might have been watching that Cashmerino on Ebay. Is it astrakan and did they also have it in mellow yellowand red? I chickened out though as I MUST NOT SPEND MONEY ON YARN

TutleyMutley said...

Maylin - Yes, yes and yes.

Dirk_star - I'm here, I think. I've been catching babies!!!
Thanks for your congrats: i'm a bit overwhelmed by being Bobbed - there are sooooo many exellent knitting blogs out there mine just pales into significance - so I thought it was probably random :-)
I've just checked out yours, Dirk - now THAT'S what I call original. And Excellent taste in music. I too like Frank (may he RIP) and Beautiful Day (Have one album) and Captain Beefheart and King Crimson and on and on.
Watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat that yellow snow!

TutleyMutley said...

paled into significance? Now there's a freudian slip.

Christina said...

The kafe fassett bedspread is going to look stunning, and I like the bag too. Am impressed you're doing toe up socks, I've only just mastered two circs cuff down!!

Alice said...

that bed cover looks great!

I'm sure sock clubs are stash -increasing evil, but fyberspates is lovely (lovely yarn, lovely lady) so it'll be a good thing long term if nothing else

found you via uk knitters - think we are "neighbours"

x arb