Sunday, January 28, 2007


ONE FO! These gloves are soooo soft - and are really comfortable despite the left thumb going on the right shaping and vice versa. I'm blaming the pattern and couldn't be bothered to frog.

I've even got enough yarn to do another pair for me (these have gone to my colleague Jan for her Chrimble present - we have a bran tub and she won mine).

Speaking of which - even though we are supposed to have a random bran tub - Jan bought ME a present for Christmas because it shouted my name apparently. She bought me THIS: It's a bit acrylicky but the colour makes up for it. I've decided to knit it into an aran type sweater ('Lars' from Rowan 36) but I'm going to give it a shawl collar instead of a round neck. Check out the wonderful needles from yvonne (my SP8). First Chunky sweater I've knitted in god knows how long. I know, I know, I have far too many WIPS to be starting a new project but it was a PRESENT for goodness sake (she says, waving her hands helplessly). I DO have another FO - a little hat called Gala (also from Rowan 36) but it needs a button to finish so I'll take a pic when I've sewn that on.And here is the start of February Socks for the sockamonth challenge.

I hadn't finished the Wellington Hat I'd started last year - but had lost the pattern, so I decided to reorder it because I liked it so much. Cabin Fever not only posted it immediately but managed to get it to me before the end of the week! from Canada! Howzat for service. and while I was at it, I ordered the gaugeless hat and the swing cardigan patterns. MMMmm.

So I'm now finishing the Wellington Hat number three:

OOoo I love it love it love it, EXCEPT when I have to frog it because I forgot to concentrate on just how many stitches there are between decreases on the crown and had one too short at the end of the round. Little Lixie sent me her crafty ZINE and it came with a sample of Crystal Palace yarn which was so nice I had to knit it in - see that little accent of blue on the crown? shame it didn't quite reach to the end of the round but that's what will make this hat truly original and unique - HA! I'll finish it this evening.

One of these days I will sit down and count just exactly how many WIPs I have on the go. Now that is a scary prospect.


Rain said...

Wow, you have been busy. Love the pink. I'm in awe of the socks they look wonderful so far and I can't wait to see them finished.

Dirk_Star said...

Awesome posts!

I have been a little busy getting ready for the baby and helping Felicia retain every ounce of sanity humanly possible.

I enjoyed reading the midwife post and I wish our American medical society were more supportive of such endeavors.