Saturday, February 24, 2007


Here is my 'NAMELIAN' - she's a member of the Wolflutterby genus and the sun shines down on her. This bit of fun was courtesy of Jo and I thank her very much... In turn, she got the idea from Steve where you'll find the destructions for YOUR name. But, in case you can't be bothered to follow the link:-

To create a namelien you:

a. fold a piece of paper in half

b. open your paper up

c. turn your paper so the fold is horizontal

d. write your name in cursive, "real big" on the fold line (a thick-tipped, dark-colored marker, crayon, or pencil works best)

e. keep your paper where it is, fold it up again, and trace the name you wrote (a thin sheet, a lightbox, or holding the paper against a window with good light can help make the tracing easier, if needed)

f. open your paper again

g. trace over your name again (write on the original, front side), this time you'll be writing it backwards

h. turn your paper so that the fold line in the middle is now vertical--choose which way is rightside up (you will now see an interesting, symmetrical design created from your name)

i. have fun adding things (we make ours totally symmetrical)--such as eyes, arms, legs, antennae, wings, hands, claws, feet, hair, patterns, textures, colors, etc.

j. create a nonsymmetrical background/environment for your namelien (optional)

There is just so much fun out there on the internet!

(comment from DH: "Are you on drugs???")


Artis-Anne said...

I love your 'namelian' also.I will have to have a play :)

Seahorse said...

What fun! I love the way you've done yours.

Mumov2 said...

That was good fun and when I get the chance i'll email you a copy of what I came up with, a very strange looking person, not half as beautiful as yours.....
It's lovely...
R x

BendingPeak said...

What a fun idea. Perfect excuse to procrastinate tomorrow!

Jo said...

Its fab, really glad you posted it!

Rain said...

Mwahaha! How rude from DH. I think it looks great.