Thursday, April 05, 2007

The one week socks: Pattern from in a self striping 6 ply which I think is Opal, but might be Regia - I got it cheap from ebay without a ball band. Quick to knit from the toe up with short row heel, on 3 1/4mm circular needle. It must be pointed out that my friend Lynn has little feet (bless her!). These may count as my April socks - but since I knitted them in the last week of March (actually finishing them on the 31st on the way to London - aren't car journeys great for knitting? - assuming you're not driving of course!) I might feel obliged to cast on the rest of this wool and see if I can't get another pair out of the same ball. Apologies - that WAS a very ungainly sentence.

You will no doubt have observed that I have my camera back.
Chris - you're a star.
Here he is cutting his yummy nutty creamy fruity gateaux birthday cake.
Lynn got very excited about the sparkly candle which played 'Happy Birthday tune' very tinnily - took a deal of finding apparently.
Happy Birthday for yesterday, Chris!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Terri
Hope you are well after Sunday, Our email address is
We look forward to your address then we can send some photos to you,hope to see you at hashing and well done yet again(that will show the physio/chiro man)
Lots of love Karen and Brandon xx