Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jacob Beanie Free Pattern

Materials: 50mg main colour (MC) DK (Actually used about 40g)

50mg contrast colour (CC) DK (used about 30g)

To fit head circumference 23" Gauge 12st x 14 rows = 2" over pattern

3mm round needle/set of dpns (for magic loop, or 2 circs, or small circ and set of dpns – whatever takes your fancy!)

3¾ mm round needle/set of dpns

1 stitch marker 1 large blunt darning needle


With 3mm needle cast on 120st with MC.

Round one: being careful not to twist, join ends and *K1MC, K1CC, rpt from * to end of round.

Place stitch marker.

Round 2: Bring both yarns to front of work, P1MC, put yarn just worked down to the left of work and bring CC over, P1CC, continue thus to end of round.

Round 3: Keep both yarns at front of work, P1MC, put yarn just worked to the right and bring CC under it, P1CC. continue to P1MC and P 1CC to end of round as set.

Round 4: replacing yarn at back of work, K all stitches in MC.

Rounds 5 – 9 inclusive: *K1CC, P1MC, rpt from * to end.

Round 10, K 1 round in CC.

Round 11: change to 3¾ needle and work from line 11 of chart, setting pattern as follows:

*K2CC, K4MC, (K1CC, K1MC)x4, K1CC, K4MC, K3CC, K4MC, (K1CC, K1MC)x4, K1CC, K4MC, K1CC.

Rpt from * twice more to end of round.

Continue working from chart as set until 41 rows completed. Start decreasing.

First decrease, round 42:

*K1CC, SSK MC, K3MC, K3CC, K1MC, K1CC, K1MC, K3CC, K3MC, K2tog; Rpt from * x5 more to end of round.

Round 43 – no decreasing, work as per chart.

Rounds 44-49: decrease every round as per chart.

Round 50 no decreasing: *K1CC, K5MC Rpt from * 5 more times to end of round.

Round 51, decrease again. Round 51, *K1CC, Slip 1, K2tog, PSSO rpt from * to end of round

Knit 1 more round on remaining 12 stitches without shaping.

Now thread large blunt darning needle with end of yarn and pass through all remaining stitches twice to cast off. Sew in ends on wrong side and block to finish.

Phew, that wasn't easy - especially fiddling around with cheapie picture editing software to make the chart. Would anyone like to test knit this for me? I'm off now to walk the dogs - but I'm going to try and make it into a PDF later. Pics are of Jacob mark 3 with the pattern in the negative, solid main colour and handpainted contrast colour (dyed by the Old Piggery) - modelled by Seth's friend James (thanks James!).

Well - tiz done, for better or worse - I've managed to make the PDF AND get it in my sidebar. I know this is probably easy peasy to some (looks at Pixie's website with envy) but it took some learning for this technophobe - thanks for all the advice.


Artis-Anne said...

Oh nice one and many thanks for the pattern. I am going to have ago at this one even though the sun is cracking the flags it will be winter before we blink LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the hat, and showed the photo to my son...he really likes the logo on the back of the T shirt.... Kids eh? Fran39

Anonymous said...

oooooh I love it, that's definately going in my knitting queue.

Pixie said...

Love the hat, and may be one day try it, not so hot with colour work.. did it back in the day.. and no need to look to my site in envy, most of it is done with clever plugins and the help of a super friend .. who is a whizz at sorting out code.
Well done you for writing the pattern.. will we see one at the ktog?

maylin said...

Lovely pattern, I especially like the braided edge - is it elastic though? I hate constricting things. Is it the sme as the cast o on the Marvellous Mitts?

BTW Just to let you know you have been nominated for the Arte Y Pico award. Stop by my blog and find out more!

TutleyMutley said...

Can't wait to see it, Anne.
You will see one at the KTOG - and I'll print out some patterns...
I think it's elastic Maylin - but some might not. It is indeed the same as the marvellous mitts (by Karen Neale?) I also spotted it on Beth Brown Reinsell's site - it's an estonian knitting technique apparently and they use it in the middle of knitting too, not just at the edge. Right - off to visit your blog and see what you're on about!