Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jacob mark 2
Here is Jacob mark 2 - slightly smaller than the original handspun:
I like the single corrugated rib, and the Fiesta Ballet alpaca/tencel yarn is so soft and shiny, it's beautiful to feel. I also think the braided edging looks snake like. But I think the hat would be better with the main colour as a solid and only the contrast as handpainted. Will have to do ANOTHER one. Thanks for all the pointers for making a PDF. Very helpful.


Rosie said...

Love it: makes me think of moorlands in autumn and long walks...bliss!

Susie Hewer said...

Lovely colours but I think you're right about the sold colour as it would make the pattern more distinct.

ps I forgot to say I can't believe you haven't finished the second glove yet! I'm thinking of doing another pair.

TutleyMutley said...

Aw,thanks Rosie! - any compliment from you makes me feel really good, as you are SUCH a talented knitter...

I know, I know Susie - so near and yet so far with the gloves - I keep meaning to sit down and finish the last couple fingers, but then I get distracted. Shame on me.

Are you on Ravelry yet?

Anonymous said...

beautiful colours.

Juliet said...

Hi there
Ive just discovered your blog from a link from a comment on another one. I'm new to all this, but amazed at how this whole fantastic world of contact is opening up!
Well, that aside, I wanted to say I LOVE your hats. Jacob 2 is beautiful. I'm a bit scared of colourwork, but inspired to give it a try. I love the pattern. If you do publish it, it may just become my first. Inga is gorgeous too.

juliet said...

Sorry, didn't mean cheap advertising!
Meant to link to my fledgeling blog. Will I ever get my head round this?! I'm all fingers and thumbs. feeling very bumbly and so not 21st century!
I'll attempt the proper thingy.....I think that has worked

Anonymous said...

Thats such a lovely hat! Thank you for all your great comments on my blog. I can't find your email so some quick answers to your questions!
Moebius yarn, 225 metres. I don't know what to do with Ember yet(it doesn't shout anything to me). I am a lucky gardener, no talent! I joined the Artclub batt club again so there will be more big batts to felt.
Lin x (AKA queen of the froggers)