Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bosnian Slipper Socks...

I'm giving the old bod a holiday after the holiday overindulgences...

With moral support from my ds, am following a vegan, wheat-free, alcohol-free diet for January... and have yet to shake off this stinking headcold. Haven't particularly missed anything yet, even chocolate. Must have really over indulged at Christmas.

Now I'm off to tempt myself at the pub- parentcraft reunion!

(mind you, have been invited around to friends' for supper on Saturday, and I promised to make profiteroles for dessert - ho hum).

Back home, finally, and seven couples turned out into the cold, with their babies. Noone wanted to go home! I love seeing nervous mums with bumps metamorphose into confident mums with babes.

One particular couple I cared for antenatally had come over from Bosnia where they are involved with community voluntary work, to have their baby here. Being the avid knitter that I am (really? Yes really!) I commented on the mum to be's beautiful handknitted slipper-bootees. So I was really chuffed when they presented me with a pair of Bosnian handknitted slippers tonight, as a gift.
These are different from the booties I'd admired, but still fascinating - I've been trying to work out how they're constructed - I'm even tempted to pull one apart and reknit it! They appear to be knitted in segments with the sole going a different direction to the instep/top. The cuff is definitely knitted last, in the round. The heel appears to be a standard dutch heel, but with really long gussets. This is they:
Whatcha think? Any ideas?

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