Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May Day Weekend:

Sunny for a change! Lustleigh celebrated in usual style on Saturday by crowning Kirsty as May Queen and I didn't get to see a thing as I was nose to nose, face painting children all afternoon. The festivities kicked off at 2pm, and the carpark was full to bursting by 2.30pm. The sun brings out the best in everyone. There were morris dancers and a brass band, and coconut shies and bottle stalls - all good fun.

By Monday the weather was overcast but I managed to haul DH out for a walk on the moors in the afternoon. We took a 5 mile stroll out to Watern Tor and the Thurlestone circumnavigating Gidleigh Common.

Parked at Scorhill Farm (out the back of Chagford) and then set off in a north west direction along a well defined track to Rival Tor. It was windy and Steve's ears soon got cold but it blew the cobwebs away.
This picture looks back to the trees by Scorhill where the car is parked - the bump on the horizon above the line of trees is Kes Tor.We had to cross several brooks and streams - including Gallaven and Walla Brook on the way to Watern.Tea stop - and the picture below is looking past the Thurlestone to the East - see the wind rippling the puddle?
and looking North past Watern Tor to Steeperton.Don't have many pictures of me as I'm usually doing the snapping - but here's one (wearing snuggly Rogue hoody) and Syd by one of the granite piles of Watern. We looked for Wally May's ruined house but couldn't find it, then followed a newtake wall. We saw many Wheatears flying around - or 'White Arses' as Steve called them - telling me it was the prudish Victorians that renamed them Wheatears. down to the North Teign - past this clapper bridge to an amazing Tolmen - or holed stone - this one is meant to have magical properties, make wishes come true, cure all sorts of diseases and bring good luck if you climb through it, so we both did. Syd just looked bemused.
All in all, a pleasant way to spend a Bank Holiday afternoon.


Sel and Poivre said...

Hello! Its my first visit here and what a satisfying few posts I've just enjoyed...sheep, yarn, a good walk - even a rainbow! Thanks for sharing it all...I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Terri.

Anonymous said...

ps. I do love your playlist!

dog said...

Cute dog! what breed is it?

TutleyMutley said...

The cute dog (of little brain) is Sydney - a chocolate Labrador. His mum (Tilly) died only two months ago (aged 12 and a half) and I miss her terribly. I'm not so sure Sydney has noticed - though he was rather subdued and confused seeming for a couple of days.