Saturday, October 07, 2006


Thankyou all so much for your lovely messages! mwah! mwah!
Still can't upload pics from my camera or from my printer - as can't find the original cds to load software so the PC recognises the hardware. Am going to take the lot to PC world tomorrow morning and have a tantrum, and see if they can't get it sorted -

In the meantime - DS looks great in the fisherman's jumper.
I've started the Kaffe Fassett tumbling blocks bedcover from his 'classics' book - should be the ultimate stash buster and longterm project and great fun (if only for the time spent untangling all the little balls of wool used in the intarsia!).

It's in the background on the cover page - I got sent the hardback version of this book by Glitterlover via Yowllyy as a RABCK - thanks, Glitterlover and Yowllyy!

And I've picked up another UFO - a fairly mindless, knitanywhere, moss stitch baby's jumper from Debbie Bliss' 'Baby Knits'. I started this so long ago, I'd forgotten what it was - and had to search through several books before I found the pattern! And, of course, I still have toe up, Blue Regia socks on the go - nearly finished one, which means I'll probably get 'one sock syndrome' and never get around to starting, let alone finishing, the next...

I'm off to Thailand in a couple of weeks (on my own - dh doesn't like to travel outside of UK!) - hope I can take some knitting on the airplane. And hope I can get camera working properly. I'm flying to Bangkok, and hopefully getting myself a Thai massage before heading down to Phuket for three days sea kakaking around Phang Nga Bay (spelling??!) then back up North to Chiang Mai for Interhash and I'll stay there for the rest of the hols - maybe hire a motorcycle to visit the Bridge over the River Kwai.

Before I messed up camera/printer/PC, I took some before and after pics of my brand new raised beds! Now, you wouldn't think anything would grow this time of year, would you? I have Mizuna, Rocket, Butterhead lettuce and Mispoona growing - there's some spinach and a few spring onions coming up too. I've also had Trotsky the cat from next door digging it all up to use the bed as his own personal loo, and several large brown and black slugs tucking in.

I'm hoping to plant garlic (we LOVE GARLIC!) when the weather gets a little cooler.

Pic of Sydney and his mum, Tilly, taken when I could still upload pics from my camera. Aren't they huggable?


Seahorse said...

Hmm, I don't know MANY people who would casually hire a motorbike for a gander at the Bridge on the River Kwai, especially by themselves! I envy you your spirit of adventure.

The dogs are just gorgeous. Hope all the PC probs are fixed soon.

Sue said...

Lovely doggies!

Rain said...

Aw, the dogs look so sweet all snuggled up together.

Your trip sounds fantastic.

I love Kaffe Fassett stuff - You're a braver woman than I for knitting it.