Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well - things aren't quite back to normal, but at least I've managed to upload some pics from camera! Unfortunately the camera card went awry with the ones I'd taken of my final secret package and of the before and after raised beds in the garden. :-(
I've put the remaining goodies together - including the beautiful crocheted bead bracelet (in presentation box) that Yvonne gave me at the Knit and Knatter stall in the show at Westpoint, Exeter. The choccies are missing (obviously) - as is the special snowdrop soap, but you can see there was a knitting needle theme and colour coordination (my favourite greens). Look at the lovely stitch markers! I've used them as an inspiration to make some of my own - and given them as a prezzies to two of the most faithful attenders of the Bovey Stitch and Bitch. Yvonne also sent me Debbie Bliss cashmerino with a pattern to make up into a soft and sumptious loopy scarf - I finished that in a week, as you can see!

Here's the beginning of the Kaffe Fassett tumbling blocks bedcover/blanket. I'm knitting it on two circs as it's soooooo loooooong.

I should be finishing off the practice portfolio for the Examination of the Newborn course I started all those months ago. This is deversion therapy. The portfolio is already late in. sigh.


Rain said...

What a lovely package.

I love how the tumbling blocks are coming out, it looks fantastic.

eclectissimo said...


Love your tumbling blocks. I'm actually in the process of collecting the yarns to knit one myself (hopefully). Would you let me know what colour you are using for yarn "D". In the pattern, they call for it, but it is not included in the list. I was thinking of using a 32 inch circular needle. Do you think that is long enough?

Also, do you have any tips about which is the best website, other than eBay, to find these discontinued yarns?