Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Boulder (Olympic effort) update...
OOO things be slowing down! I thought this was looking like it wouldn't fit my ample mother, but she called in today and it will fit - just not be very loose. Obviously I didn't allow extra 'ease' when I was calculating from swatches. I've nearly finished the back. I've done both fronts up to armholes. I've finished one sleeve (which I've knit sideways on and done several short rows to make it slightly shaped) and cast on (provisional/loop cast on) for the other sleeve and knitted a couple of inches. You can see there's a lot of colour pooling in the fronts. That's Colinette for you. I think it's going to be OK.
I've got to knit the cuffs, pocket trims and neck and button bands. I've leave them till last as I'm still not sure how the yarn is going to last so if I need to, I can knit these in another colour (probably plain blue) and make it a 'design feature' - whaddya mean? OF course it was deliberate.

Heard this today. What is the fastest cake in Devon?

"scone". (s'gone - geddit?)



Sue said...

Groan is right!

Your Olympic knitting is looking fab, your Mum is one lucky woman! Mine keeps complimenting my socks. I've knitted her two pairs do you think she's hinting for more? :-)

BlackCrow said...

OH that's a bad joke, nice bit of knitting though.
I hope your mum wears it and is not like mine and just stores it away.
I've come to a bit of a halt on my olympic knit..poo!

Seahorse said...

Boulder is looking great!

Nic said...

Boulder is looking great and I didn't get round to telling you that I thought it was a great name for it ;o) So do you think you'll get it finished in time? Its so nice watching everyones progress. I wish I'd joined in but never got around to it. Maybe next time.
Oh yeah and the librarian on my blog? 'fraid it was no April fool. She was just that dappy (or doppy?). Still waiting for the book. Maybe its going to appear at my house by magic?!
Happy knitting,

TutleyMutley said...

Thanks for the compliments!
Will I get Boulder finished? Don't know - but the Olympics has been a great incentive to make a really big effort - and since the yarn has been in the cupboard for over two years and it was SUPPOSED to be for a birthday treat - I'm impressed I've done so much in such a short time!
All Hail to Yarn Harlot!