Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm so excited!
About the prospect of a new stitch and bitch group in my local town! I've been thinking about this for AGES and wondering where the best venue would be - I'm such a clot - Bovey Tracey hosts the one of the finest (and most expensive, but lets not quibble) craft shops in Devon with a lovely sunlit cafe with roof terrace and disabled access and all - the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and it's open 7 days a week, so I reckon one Sunday a month, 3-5pm will be perfect. Now all I've got to do is suggest it to the manager. I talked to a waitress yesterday - and got my first member. Linda has been knitting for years and gets teased by her dh because it's an 'old ladies' hobby'. What is he on? And the more expert knitters there are, the more we can pass on skills to beginners!

I've also started and frogged my Herculian cardigan, 'Boulder':

I'd somehow managed to get my sums wrong and not cast on enough stitches. *Sigh*. All sorted now. I'm going to knit the back and fronts to the armholes only to see how the yarn lasts - I still don't think I'll have enough to finish :-(


ra said...

Good on you. The one that I went to had been going for about a year and there were about ten or twelve people there, which I reckon is pretty good. Keep it convenient for you and I'mm sure others will join, and the cafe in a craft centre sounds like the ideal venue for picking up other interested parties.

Good luck

TutleyMutley said...

Thanks Ra, it's so much more fun to knit with a crowd, doncha think?

HazelNutcluster said...

Yay! I'm happy for you :)

acrylik said...

Good for you on the stitch n bitch! I set one up in November - only 2 people came along that time, last month there were nine! It just needs a little time to get going. I found the local newspapers were happy to put a little piece in to promote it too. Good luck with it all!

Just looking at your other posts and enjoyed reading about your Bookcrossing meet. I am one of those Bookcrossers with a copy of "Wild Animus" still! What a great idea to organise a walk for everyone.

BlackCrow said...

Hi TutleyMutley, I can not believe that you grew up in Laugharne, wow, that just blows me away, just amazing....I used to know Under MilkWood off by heart, I've read and re-read Dylan Thomas's biography over and over, I can't put it into words what the feeling is I get from his poetry.
I've also read books by his friends Theadora Fitz Gibbon and her husband Constantine.
I googled Dartmoor and am looking at some wonderful photo's of where you are.
It does look similar to the south east penninsula of Tasmania and the some of the mid-lands area.
I'll be back.
good luck with the Boulder!

Daisy said...

Go for it! My local radio station was also great - I did an interview live (bit scary) and taught the presenter to knit! Several people heard it and came along to meetings - we had 15 people yesterday!

v said...

hi, i just found yr message on the snbuk forum and followed the link to yr blog.. i go to a snb in plymouth where i live, we meet thursdays 5ish-8pm in the Joint cafe. if you're ever down this far come see us! i was reading here, are you a midwife or a doula? i had a successful home birth after caesarean last year!!! i fought tooth and nail to get it, and it was the most amazing experience of my whole life. i was so depressed after my daughters birth by c section, i really feel like ive taken it back you know? anyway, maybe if youre down this way you could visit my family, i live in lipson and would love to hear from you. email me or leave a message on my blog