Sunday, March 11, 2007

My first ever socks!

And DH is still wearing them!

This evening I looked over at the sofa and saw the first socks I ever knitted being proudly displayed by my man. They were a labour of love in 3ply and took me ages on dpns, I recall. Boring colours (don't remember any of these lovely handpainted yarns being available then) because DH doesn't like to stand out at all but the fairisle pattern kept me interested. They must be over 15 years old now - and still going strong - but then, he does tend to save them for 'best'. So why is he wearing them now, for lounging around on the sofa? Methinks he's dropping hints that it's about time he had another pair. Trouble is, he won't wear ankle socks - they'll have to be long or at least mid calf. So that means sock stash enhancement. OK, I'll do it!

I got DH to expose his manly calf to show 'em off for posterity:

As far as the latest socks are progressing: no pics, but I'm getting into the faux cable pattern nicely now. I'm just coming up to the heel flap - and it's great to be knitting the two simultaneously! I don't EVER want to knit just one sock again - no more one sock syndrome for me ha ha.

The handpainted yarn is striping on one sock and colour pooling on the other - but the overall colour (orangey-red) compensates somewhat for the imbalance. I can live with it. I'm such a lazy knitter - I often bodge rather than frog - is that wicked?

Yes, I know you're supposed to use one strand from one ball and then another from the other ball for the next row - but life's too short!

ON which note, I'm off to take the dogs for a decent walk and hope it doesn't rain. I'll take my camera.

I'm madly jealous of all those bloggers skipping NORTH this weekend - I did contemplate signing up but it's a huge distance from here to there for a weekend - next year maybe...


picperfic said...

how wonderful that those socks have lasted so long and they are so long too!! My man loves his socks i make him, and so far they have been made in aran weight. My daughter lives in Devon and we often drive miles and miles and miles to stay with her..well it seems like its that far away anyway! I recently got some really lovely Rowan Yarn, all half price from a wool shop that is closing down in Bideford. Now if i lived nearer.....hmmm...
I'm looking forward to seeing the new socks...I must try this two at once knitting!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Fab socks.

Kath said...

What fabulous socks you are clever, I love the pattern. I AM going to learn how socks on circulars next time and both at once if I can , x fingers. I do all my other knitting on curulars so why not my socks !!

Knit Nurse said...

Blimey, you chose what looks like a spectacularly complex pattern for your first socks - and you (and the socks) lived to tell the tale! Congrats!