Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring has sprung...
the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is.

Spring is in the air, or so it feels like when the sun finally emerges. Having returned from my stroll, here are gratuitous pictures of Sydney and Tilly. The Wray Brook is back in its box, you'll observe - Sydney had to jump in to show it who's boss. Well, he is a labrador after all, and he doesn't normally look so solemn.
Amazingly Tilly stayed dry! She's looking interested and smiling in anticipation because I'm waving a stick around. It was her birthday last week - she's ten years old (x7=70yrs old!) and a little bit arthritic, unless she's chasing sticks. The old gal is looking a bit gray around the muzzle.I just went around the block - across the field, up the old railway line and back down the road. Spotted this wonderful fungus - that colour really jumps out at you. And primroses and daffodils and even some violets tucked away in the hedgerows.
The penultimate pic is the bolting mispoona in my little veggie bed - that's miner's (or land) cress next to it - had loads of it growing all winter - tastes like watercress, hot and peppery and good in salads. And finally the last pic is of the lovely basket of pansies that I picked up from a place that sells cheap plants - usually half dead - but this lot enjoyed all that rain last week!


Seahorse said...

Such beautiful pics!

I love the fungus. I have a long term/ongoing knitting project that will eventually be a fungi encrusted tree stump. (Don't laugh!) Time to get the scarlet yarn out I think!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh lovely photos and wish I could grow veg up here in the mountains but the daffs are coming out and so are the flamming slugs eating them as they pop up :(
Re funghi I bought one of those kits that you can grow edible mushrooms before Xmas in a sale and had forgotten all about .Set it up a few weeks ago and nothing but this last week up popped some lovely looking mushrooms so will try some fancy varities next time

Artis-Anne said...

Oh forgot to say lovely looking chocie dogs :) Must take photos of our two scamps for the blog soon if they still for long enough

Riggwelter said...

Lovely pics! I must get ours done soon. I had a lovely herb garden but it got trashed last year (our garden has a public footpath running through it)so I couldn't really be bothered with it, until the sun started coming out!

Gorgeous dogs too x