Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Artist's Way This patchwork piece was inspired by the work of Janet Bolton: 'Patchwork Folkart' -
A Nice Cup of Tea...

This week, I have begun a journey to rediscover my artistic self, via The Artist's Way, a book by Julia Cameron.

I started yesterday with 'morning pages'; I slept 12hours last night! (and didn't get called out). I'm going to nurture myself for the next 12 weeks (and lose some weight with my new healthy diet!). My contract:

I, Tutleymutley, understand that I am undertaking an intensive, guided encounter with my own creativity. I commit myself to the twelve-week duration of the course. I, Tutleymutley, commit to weekly reading, daily morning pages, a weekly artist date, and the fulfillment of each week's tasks.

I, Tutleymutley, further understand that this course will raise issues and emotions for me to deal with. I, Tutleymutley, commit myself to excellent self care - adequate sleep, diet, excercise, and pampering - for the duration of the course.


10th January 2006

OH, oh, oh, this is going to be so hard. Getting enough sleep and eating right and excercise is hard enough. I'm so lazy! Time to get a grip.

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