Sunday, January 29, 2006

How Sydney the labrador managed to cut up a plastic bag for my knitting project.

These instructions are cribbed from the far superior ones at Cleo's plastic bag site. But then hers aren't done by a dog.

First of all, grab a bag (preferably smelling of something tasty)>

Then cut off the bottom of the bag.

Straighten bag out> And fold not quite in half - leave an inch at the side.

Fold in half again, then neaten the top by cutting off the handles...

Next - cut through the layers in inch or inch and a half strips but do not cut the inch that you left at the edge. Just like so..

On this picture, I've drawn in some black lines on the uncut part of the bag to show you where you need to cut next - this is the tricky bit. ('specially when you've got paws).

Open out the centre folded bit (the inch at the edge left uncut) and very carefully cut diagonally from strip to strip... YOu should end up with a long continuous strip. Really.

And here is the finished ball of plastic ready for Tutmut to knit with...

Now aren't I the clever one?


HazelNutcluster said...

I love that face dogs wear when something is put in front of them that they really want but know they shouldn't :)

I must try this some day. Excellent instructions, ta.

TutleyMutley said...

Syd was watching with great interest while I was doing this - practically climbed in my lap by the time I'd finished - you can just about see his paws getting closer in some of the pics :-)