Monday, January 16, 2006

Just a little knitting.
I have completed Seth's pointy hat! I was wondering wether I should have made it more pear shaped instead of like a cone, but I grit my teeth and just carried on decreasing x6 every 6 rows. DH reckons it looks huge, but little does he does know that I've done a tension square - measuring before and after felting HA. In to the washing machine it goes - this afternoon. Exciting, isn't it! Yer tiz, on the windowsill, pre-felted:

Seth is bringing his girlfriend around for supper on Wednesday evening - I've knitted her the Noro felted 'Ringo' handbag from a kit on the "Getknitted" website. I was really pleased with the outcome. Since I finished it before I started this blog, I'll try and snap a pic of it when she opens her present.

On a separate note. I've been doing my 'morning pages' everyday (apart from one lapse) for a week. I've started eating a healthy diet and I'm awash with mineral water. Attended my first normal home birth of 2006 yesterday. Will write it up later. We midwives get withdrawal symptoms if we can't attend a birth regularly (at least one a month - and no, sections don't count - well maybe that's a bit harsh, but the atmosphere is soooo different).

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