Monday, January 09, 2006

Knitting Projects...

One of the inspirations for starting a blog was seeing all the wonderful knitblogs out there. I should be in bed (got to get up early for work tomorrow) but I'm going to share my WIPS first, and one or two finished articles.
First finished article - a cardigan - adapted from a pattern in 'Traditional Sweater Book' by Madeline Weston, which I knitted up in Colinette 5point. I ran out of yarn and couldn't get the same batch - so it changed colour half way through. Certainly unique then. It didn't look right on me AT ALL, so I gave it to a friend I'd promised a jumper to years ago. She's the sort of person to not mind changing colours and, sure enough, she loved it.

The second finished article is a pair of socks for a neighbour's baby:

These were from 'Kids Knits' by Lesley Ann Price. I mucked up the pattern in the second sock but couldn't be bothered to Frog it, so I just swiss darned over the top...
Just need washing now, to fluff up the shetland yarn.

WIP No. 1 is a Pixie style hat for DS Seth: he wants a hat which will taper to a long point. I'd just finished my first felting project - a handbag in Noro Kureyon - which was great fun, so I've decided to use the same yarn and felt this too. It's knitted on the largest circular needles I have (size 6mm), and I haven't started decreasing yet. I love the way the Kureyon yarn changed colour - keeps me entranced while I knit, knit, knit. I'm making this up as I go along.
WIP No. 2 is a jumper knitted in the round from a pattern I made up myself for my DS when HE was a baby. I found the instructions recently so I thought I'd use up some lovely purple DK I had sitting in my stash and see if the instructions still made sense. I'll publish them on here if they do! Will probably give this to my neighbour's baby (Baby Theo that had the socks above). You can't see the detail brilliantly - though you can click on it to enlarge - but it's an aran style pattern.

Last WIP (No. 3) for tonight anyway. This was an inspiration from off the net - knitting with plastic bags - namely Tesco bags. I had some truly horrible pink acrylic stuff freely donated from a freecycler which needed something doing with, so I combined it with the plastic bag to make a very sturdy fabric. It's going to be a peg bag - will be fairly rotproof and be able to hang around outside come rain or shine! It's just garter stitch - but I got bored, so it has a stocking stitch diamond materialising in the middle.


HazelNutcluster said...

That's the trouble with Colinette (which I drool over every day.) It's so different when you buy it in separate lots. My Blue Parrot Skye jumper has a lot more light blue all around the chest than anywhere else, but I still love it.
I haven't tried Point 5 yet, only Skye and Giotto.

Loving the acrylic and bags idea. It looks good!

TutleyMutley said...

Me too, I drool! Point 5 is luverly. I've also got a UFO for my mother in Colinette PRISM but, having finished the first sleeve I'm going to have to frog it because I know I'm going to run out of yarn again. Thanks for the compliments don't know what the plastic bag and acrylic thing will turn into - probably ANOTHER bag - but at least it will be more hard wearing than tesco bags!

Boz Kay said...

Don't understand this "Point 5" stuff. But, like the website, Tutley. Bx