Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Good Evening was had...
Seth and his girlfriend, Hannah, came round for supper tonight - we had Indian style food - dahl, Sag Aloo and a coconut and almond veg. curry. YUM! Seth got his finished felted hat:
And Hannah got her Christmas Present finally! She seemed to like her felted Ringo bag (well - she made all the right noises).
(Sorry about the fag hanging out of DS's mouth, what is he LIKE?)

And a back view of hat (He declined a tassle

(or is that tassel?):

Hannah was so inspired by my presis, she said she wanted to learn! Well - nuff said. Out came the needles and yarn. I was trying to remember that little rhyme that goes:
"In through the front door, run around the back, out through the window, and off jumps Jack!"

We knitted the flowers from 'Folly' on (which HAS to be one of my FAVOURITE knitting sites on the internet). Here she is very intently making her first stitches:

Such concentration! And I remember how tight beginners tend to make those first stitches on the needle... But she did great and I think she might persevere.
Oh yes. Confession time. I bought some Regia today - I think this self patterning yarn looks magic. Tut tut, as if I need any more yarn in my stash.
Time for some socks, methinks.


HazelNutcluster said...

A glorious hat and bag, they were right to be thrilled :)

I am always a bit jealous of midwives = I'm such a twit over babies, the younger the better. Too soft though, me.

ra said...

great hat. I liked your blog so I've put a link to it from mine, hope that's okay?

Boz Kay said...

Like the hat. I agree, it needs a longer point. 10 ft?